About Me

For those who don’t know me,

My name is Bryan Vazquez, I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Enthusiast, and a Plant-Based Athlete. I believe I am here to help others make a change and improve their lives. If you saw the home page of this site you noticed “Build Body Mind Vitality.” This may be new to you, what is that anyway? Let me explain.

When I was younger I knew nothing about health or fitness, and as the years went on I was making poor choices that affected my overall health and well-being. When I turned 22 I reached a peak of frustration. I was no longer progressing, I had a few minor injuries here and there that took a while to heal, and I was not very enthused by life. I became depressed and desperate to find solutions to my problems.

I realized that to have an overall balanced life one cannot just focus on the weight room, and/or just your diet. To have a well-balanced life is to continually grow, learn, and focus on the few variables that will make a difference. At that moment I knew, to live life to the fullest one must build not only their bodies, but their minds as well- by consistently learning, and challenging/pushing your limits you can handle more stress, you are able to be IN control, not OUT of control, and this on top of a diet that supports optimal health & performance is necessary to establish a sense of vitality in ones life.

My mission is to help you find the answers deep within yourself that go beyond a workout program. With this approach you will find WHO you really are, and WHAT you really want. You are here to perform at your best, and reap the benefits of new methods of training I have utilized myself. You are full of unlimited potential and if you want to function at that capacity you must follow the right protocols.

Life is precious, are you ready to Build Body Mind Vitality?

With Gratitude,

Bryan V.